Great Night Out at IvyAcoustic!

Thanks to all of those who came along to IvyAcoustic the Golden Vine on Tuesday – sponsored by InActOz – featuring: Grim Fawkner, Steph Bitter, Sherri Parry, and Lilly May.

Grim played catchy music along with some Roots songs from his classics. Steph Bitter and Sherri Parry, as well, played very Folk selections as well some Indie music that was all very easy and fun to listen to. Lilly May also sang Folk and Indie songs, while touching on some Roots as well.

The audience at the Vine, whether there just to eat, socialise or just to listen to the talent, was very respectful with minimal speaking during the performances or none at all. An attendee is quoted as saying that they were much better compared to some other live music there they’d seen.

The crowd was mostly “…dead silent…” for Grim’s performance. With the exception of him encouraging the audience to sing along to his more popular songs, which they did.

The last song played by the headliner was ‘The Hills and Home’. Grim, when playing this well-known classic, unplugged his guitar, walked into the audience and played it acoustically. Fellow performer Steph Bitter referred to it as ‘…Really cool…’ and ‘…a nice change…’; an appropriate description of the performance.

To conclude, the Vine is an excellent venue for keen listeners of the style of music of Steph, Grim, Lilly and Sherri. The artists themselves are excellent performers and well worth making the trip to see live. The sound was put together by Tyson, so many thanks to him and big thanks to the staff at the Vine too.

IvyAcoustic is back on Tuesday on the 12th of December, so see you then!

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