December’s IvyAcoustic Recap

IvyAcoustic’s second session at the Golden Vine on Tuesday saw 15-year-old busker Kiet Cox bring his music to the stage. Bridie Lynas closely followed, playing a combination of originals and her favourite covers.

Later we saw Steph Bitter nearly put the attentive crowd to sleep with her music, while Sherri Parry closed the night, waking everyone up again with some sassy originals and even bringing out a few that she hadn’t played for a while.

Overall, the night was relaxing, and the crowd was very supportive and attentive to the young musicians.

If you’d like to attend an IvyAcoustic night and see some great local talent perform, remember that we host one every month at the Golden Vine Hotel, so stay tuned for details on January’s IvyAcoustic!

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