About Us

InActOz is a not-for-profit, exciting new initiative that offers hands-on training in the management and administration side of the music industry.

Recent school leavers from the Bendigo area, aged 18 – 21, are invited to apply on a volunteer basis to join the InAct Oz Management Team. They do not need qualifications or be musicians. They will just need a passion for music!

The Management Team will then work together, with guidance and supervision from industry professionals, to introduce a new and exciting CD project for high school-aged young people in the Bendigo area, and organise a brand new festival in the Goldfields region.

In the process the Management Team will:

  • Learn and develop a number of skills.
  • Develop the project with a view to being employed by it, or raise their profile in the work place, so as to appeal to potential employers.

If you’d like to learn and develop skills in the non-performing aspects of the entertainment industry, email admin@inactoz.com for more information about joining the team.